Author’s Notes

The actual writing of Amara’s Calling took about three weeks.

The chipping and chiseling of it from a brick into a work of art happened over the course of many weeks following, and in some ways is never done. If I opened up that file right now I could probably find a reason to add to it.

For you dedicated Gramara fans out there, or if you’re just a fellow nerd about the process, here are some snippets from my own personal voice recordings. Listen to me ramble on about my initial plans for my characters, eureka moments, scrapped ideas, and occasional outbursts from my kids in the background haha.

12/7/17: I had to find this one on an old phone and convert the file, lol. But I did it for you! I’d just gone from completely hating to write to writing 12,000 words in a weekend. VERY EARLY STAGES.  Dale’s name is Claude, I keep calling Amara “Amaya,” and my kids will not… stop… bothering me.

12/11/17: Five or six chapters in, struggling to add conflict and clarifying my intentions with the story. Spoiler: the sound goes in and out b/c my phone was new at the time and I didn’t know where the speaker was so…sorry.


12/17/17: Still struggling with conflict, avoiding “white guilt,” amping up physical detail/attraction between the characters, vascillating on how much to rely on race, the creation of Bel and the germination of the Billionaire’s Club trilogy.


12/21/17: Fleshing out the final climactic scene, the final sex scene, utilizing Asperger’s as the catalyst for their breakup, major details for Grayson, playing with story arc, worries about pacing, the miracle of book manifestation (If you make it to about 22-ish minutes I had to take a pee and I am so, so sorry, lol. Didn’t really leave it for a third party to ever hear haha).