Change of Plans

So I guess the book launch is happening sooner rather than later?

I examined my dwindling budget, my life in an unexpected state of flux, and my “all in” publishing strategy and thought: now’s a good a time as any.

I had a whole schedule laid out for professional editing, proofreading, marketing tools, potential guest blog posts, advertising, professional photos. And it all hinged on the schedule of my development editor, who wouldn’t be available until May, most likely.

But I’m realizing…yeah, I don’t have that kinda time.

Every professional opinion I’ve heard is that it takes about six months to really see the fruit, if there’s to be any, and September is really my limit to do this– that is if everything else goes according to plan between now and then (hahahahahahahaha!). And since March is already half over (!!!) we’re really talking October, here.

So I’m releasing the thing. Frankly, I think it’s pretty dang impressive in its current state. Although I did just ruin my first foray into print publishing by spelling the title wrong on my paperback version, which is now permanent and cannot be changed :p

Technically, the launch is the same. I’ll be doing everything else as planned.

But I’m going to make the book available on Amazon, and see what I can get done with word of mouth alone.

That way, if it tanks between now and the launch launch, it’s not really a failure. It was a test. A beta test! An extended experiment on just where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

It’s gaining momentum on Wattpad right now, and I’m thinking I don’t need to ignore that fan base, I need to exploit it, for lack of better language. If I can somehow lure them off of Wattpad and onto Amazon, that would be, UH-mazing. But for now, it’s just as good having followers on there that I can contact directly at this stage in my process.

But we’ll see. We’ll see just how talented I am. Right now I feel like Indiana Jones jumping from a moving truck to a moving train. Thinking on my feet, staying on my toes, which unfortunately means that the third book is taking a back seat 😦

But I still have at least 90 days between book one and book two, which should give me time to steal away and finish the trilogy. I’d rather have this problem, than three completed works that no one cares to read. Oh well. Wish me luck!





2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Oh you are really talented. I cant stop reading your book until the last page. I saw your book from goodread as my book friend mark it a to be read, because I am from south east asia my chances to buy your ebook are only from kobo and google play. I tried to search your name under christine donley but non available, I clicked the amazon link from goodread and saw different name, then I tried to search it on kobo, and lucky me it the same ebook from the same author and it free!! All I want to say I really love your style of writing, its fresh and its feel new. Not typical bwwm billionaire romance. All I want to say is please continue to put your ebook on kobo and I hope a lot more people notices your talent n hopefully gaining fans around the world.


  2. Wow!! Thank you so much! South east asia?!? Get outta here!! That’s so amazing, I’m really humbled!! Do me a favor and please leave a review from wherever you purchased the book so that others will take a chance on it and read it too!


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