The Journey Begins Part 2

So, with each passing day I’m getting more and more literate in my journey to become a successful, self published author. I didn’t think I could take the leap, but now that I have I can’t believe I was contemplating anything different. Picture me, a non-conformist letting some conglomerate take control of my work, telling me where and what to be, using the wrong marketing strategy while I sit by and watch my success live and die by the supposed experts. Yeah…no.

The first time I got a response back from an editor like, “Well, it looks like you have something here,” or my other favorite, “you know what you’re doing,” I was like, “okay.” I’m gonna have to do this myself.

Because why would I waste yours and my time if I didn’t know I had something? Are people doing this on a regular basis, so much so that you have to comment, when someone appears to know what they’re doing??

I can’t sit around waiting for someone to take all the ownership of my work and also maybe catch the vision.

So here I friggin go. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Which is to say, I hope you read to the end 🙂


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