“Look, Amara… I see what you’re trying to accomplish, I do,” he assured her. “And, maybe I respect it in some way. I won’t sit here and pretend to be a better man than I am. I really, really… really want to take the deal. I’ve spent more money on things so ridiculous I’m embarrassed to admit them.”
“I sense there’s a ‘but’ coming,” Amara smirked. 
“But… there’s no amount of money that will keep you from falling in love with me.”

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Amara’s Calling is the first in a Billionaire’s Club trilogy, the story of a young idealistic 20-something who goes to work for her crush and personal hero, Grayson Davis, a 30’s Mark Zuckerberg type and CEO of an internet startup called Webster, the story world’s equivalent of Facebook. Being a young African American woman in a predominantly white world, Amara is reticent to believe that she’s actually caught the attention of the notorious playboy billionaire. When she discovers that she has, but not for the purposes of happily ever after, she decides to strike a deal with him: one million for the privilege of being his mistress. It seemed like a modern-day win/win, but neither anticipates the emotional challenges their contract will bring. Will they inadvertently fall in love, or will the ghosts of their tragic pasts keep them apart?